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Did you know 12/12 is Cultivating Self Love Day 🎉🎉

Today is Cultivating Self Love day when you take time to do something that makes you feel good or adds value to your life in some way.

I started Cultivating Self Love to teach what self-love was about—doing everything to love and enjoy your life. In October 2020, I bought the domain and created the Facebook and Instagram pages Cultivating Self Love and started posting. I wanted everyone to know self-love wasn't just spas and pedicures, and it was about doing all things that make you happy and better yourself. It's about taking the time to show up for yourself in every way.

I chose 12 as the Cultivating Self Love number because it's a beautiful balance of masculine and feminine energy. One represents masculine energy; new beginnings, active, direct, future-oriented, and controlling. Two represents feminine energy, emotions, feeling, intuition, stillness, and trusting natural outcomes. Learning to balance the masculine and feminine energies within you is the ultimate act of Self-Love. So today, take time to Cultivate Self Love. You will feel good and be one step closer to having everything you want.

You can order CSL oil to add to your self-care ritual. I only have six more and won't have any ready for at least 3-6 months. I let the oils sit ok my altar for at least three months to infuse the oils with as much self-love, light, and beautiful soft fragrances of jasmine and rose. Click the picture to order your self-love oil

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